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What is Job Board Reviews?

Welcome to Job Board Reviews.  Job Board Reviews is a site based on the vision of a Recruiter, Internet Sourcer, and former Marketing Manager of a sales job board with one goal in mind, to make the Internet a better place for those in the Job Market.  Job Board Reviews was born out of necessity.

Searching for a job is a very stressful endeavor. There are so many job boards out there – how do you know where to start and where NOT to waste your time. The creators of JBR’s were tired of searching through so many job sites seeing the same exact jobs and paying to surface candidates from job boards that were simply “stealing” from other job sites. JBR is designed to help both job seekers and employers find the best possible job boards for their needs in every industry and position. We try to help solve the problem so many job seekers have of applying to jobs and never hearing a response and avoid employers wasting A LOT of time and money posting open positions that are never seen and never filled.

Let's face it, there are just way too many job boards out there; some that are very successful and other that just sprung up that day. 

The vision for Job Board Reviews has given birth to the site you see right now.  Some of the great features include:

  • The Job Board Review Directory - A growing registry of all the Job Board on the internet.  To be a part of the directory you simply need to sign up and submit your job board profile.  With each additional Job Board added to our directory our voice grows stronger--don't miss out.

  • The JBR Community - The Community of JBR has many features from personal profiles with many applications to choose from to install-like Twitter Updates (an application which displays your latest Twitter activities), member groups, member photo galleries, a community blog -- The JBR Blogs (Voices of the industry), calendar of events, and the JBR forum. There are many ways to interact with members from writing on each other's walls, a profile application, to commenting on blog posts, photos, videos to much, much more.  We worked to bring the best of the webs social networking features together to make one dynamic and addicting community.

  • JBR Member Points and contests coming soon - Make sure you upload an avatar to your profile to start earning JBR points. JBR and our sponsors are will be offering lots of prizes in the upcoming months for members earning the most points. If you would like to sponsor a contest or advertise on JBR please email us at advertise (at) JobBoardReviews.com.

Note: You need to upload an avatar to begin earning the points!

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