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itzbig has Big Plans for Bringing a Quality Experience to Job Seekers

AUSTIN, Texas (BusinessWire EON) July 2, 2007 -- With job security a thing of the past, itzbig stepped into the void today with an interactive network that connects talented professionals with appropriate job opportunities at companies hiring in Texas.

www.itzbig.com) takes a revolutionary approach to the job exploration process. Unlike traditional public job boards, itzbig emphasizes quality, security and feedback to create an environment that welcomes both employees, who ordinarily might not be seeking a new job, and employers.

"The quality of the candidates goes way up when they know their identity is not going to fall into the wrong hands "

itzbig (

One of the things that is unique about itzbig is its structured data approach, or matching, scoring and ranking mechanisms, which allows potential employees and the hiring companies to better assess the fit, said analyst Kevin Wheeler, Global Resources Learning, Inc. In essence, the qualifications of the employee and the requirements of the employer are matched, scored and ranked. This ensures that potential employees and employers receive immediate feedback on where they are in the process and in turn creates a positive, productive relationship from the perspective of both parties.

Just as important is the fact that the prospective employees can anonymously pursue opportunities in a secure environment, said Jim Hammock, CEO and a co-founder of itzbig.

Potential job seekers are extremely concerned about protecting their identity, said Hammock, the former CEO of Hire.com. The most talented employees are not going to explore another position if they believe their identity might be compromised. Weve created a network that shields the prospective employees, allowing them to explore the changing landscape for the most appropriate position, and then act on it.

Corporate HR professionals see tremendous value in this anonymity as well.

The quality of the candidates goes way up when they know their identity is not going to fall into the wrong hands, said Mark Hansen, Managing Director of Modis-Austin. They are actually more inclined to provide personal data when they feel they are in a secure environment.

itzbig also gives prospective employees the ability to control their job search in that they decide what their input is for each respective position. If theyre unsure of what to emphasize in their profile, they can engage in an online dialogue with recruiters and hiring companies, who can provide more detailed feedback on the position.

When youre on job boards, your search abilities are very limited and you end up with a huge pool of candidates and very few connections. itzbig allows you to source on a particular skill set, shows you how candidates compare to other candidates and enables a confidential connection to those candidates, said Bryan Powell, director of recruiting, Rackspace Managed Hosting, Ltd. Thats a big advantage.

The ultimate goal is to create a quality experience, which is another reason itzbig decided to stage the rollout of the network, beginning with companies that are seeking to fill technology or IT positions in Texas.

Hammock added that itzbigs measured approach also appeals to prospective employees.

They understand that jobs are tenuous in todays economic climate, he said. In responding to that reality, weve created a network that offers them a safe, yet powerful plan B.

About itzbig

itzbig is a private network for career exploration, which offers a real-time interactive experience designed to promote a better fit between a prospective employee and a hiring company. By focusing on quality, the companys innovative approach rescues job seekers and employees from drowning in large quantities of poorly matched data.

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